Catnip is an herb in the mint family. It contains the compound Nepetalactone. It is this compound that triggers the amazing response many cats have when they encounter catnip. It is a fun treat for cats and their owners! Some responses on cats include playing, rubbing, over-vocalization, being mischievious and ultimately calming.


Nepetalactone is the compound that causes the feline response which includes playing, rubbing, over-vocalization, rollicking, being mischeivious and ultimately calming.

75% of Cats Affected

75% of cats are affected by Nepetalactone which is the essential oil in catnip that causes the response. Kittens that are 6 months or younger need to wait until they are older.


Nepetalactone stimulates neurons that trigger pheromones in the cat's brain. Stimulation is part of a cat's needs to stay healthy. Catnip is a healthy way to provide that stimulation.

Silly Behavior

Approximately 10 minutes of silly behavior followed by a calming bliss. Each cat reacts differently to catnip.